Must Dos When Moving to a New Home


Moving into a new home is quite a daunting task especially if you are doing it yourself. You should hire a professional to help you with the moving to do it right. Regardless, whether you hire a professional or do it yourself, here are must-dos when moving into a new home.


Change the locks


Security should be a priority before and after moving into a new home. People share their keys with friends and neighbors just in case of an emergency or when they need to be assisted. After moving into a new home, you need to change the locks because you don’t know who else have the keys to your home. You might be surprised more than two people have access to your home without your knowledge!


Check for any plumbing leaks


In a normal household, plumbing problems are common and you should expect your new home to have some. Normally, your home inspector should do it for you before closing but you should also double-check to ensure everything is okay. When checking for plumbing leaks, you should pay much attention to running toilets, leaking water heater and dripping faucets. This is very important to avoid high water bills and a possible water flooding in your home. A plumbing leak repair can cost you a lot of money especially if it becomes a serious problem.


Have the house professionally cleaned


Even though the carpets look new and clean, make sure you hire a professional to steam clean them again. Do this before moving into your new home to give your carpet cleaner ample time and space to clean the carpets. This will also help you avoid any odors, pests or allergens that might be trapped in the carpet. Steam cleaning method is recommended because it is regarded as one of the best carpet cleaning methods. Keep your kids busy with yoga video for kids just in case.


Get your address changed


Since you will be moving into a new home, you will have to change your address in advance and have the new home’s address. You need to plan for this because people will be contacting you using the old address if you did not notify them and gave them the new address. It is an easy process but most people forget to do it because of all the activities involved when moving. You should also contact your utility companies because you will still require basic services in your new home. Some of the utility companies you need to contact include gas, water, electricity, sewer, telephone, garbage and internet providers.


Depending on where you have moved into, you might have to update your driver’s license, voter registration and car registration to tally with your current residence. This should be done within the first month after you’ve moved into your new home. If you have never moved before, you can have a friend direct you on how to go about it. However, the process is quite short and easy to follow.


You can do some of these things yourself but if you don’t have the skills and experience to do it, hiring a professional is the best option. There are professionals who handle a wide range of activities when moving, do a research and you will definitely get a reliable professional to hire.